2015 MINI Hardtop 4 door

A small car with a length of 157.4 inches.

The turbocharged motoring icon, with double the doors.
Powered by a MINI TwinPower turbo engine developed with the BMW Group, this MINI Hardtop is loaded with premium features and is built for sharing. Or for having a little more MINI all to yourself.
Every MINI Hardtop 4 Door has 3 driving modes you can switch on the fly, standard. For extra punch, use Sport Mode to automatically adjust your engine, steering and transmission setting points for a stiffer, sportier ride. For softer, more fuel-efficient motoring, switch into Green Mode. With optimized fuel delivery, tweaked shift points and a coasting feature that disengages automatic transmissions when your foot's off the gas, Green Mode maximizes every last bit of engine efficiency and kinetic energy for downright miserly fuel consumption. Of course, when you want the best of both worlds, kick it into mid-mode for a happy motoring medium.
Take your seat in the MINI Hardtop 4 Door's cockpit: designed with the highest quality dash materials and most comfortable seat upholstery found in a MINI to date. The easy-to-read speedo sits in front of the steering wheel, while a set of sleek, refined switches rests at the base of the dash. And the start button found in previous MINI models has been replaced with a glowing red start/stop toggle ignition switch.
MINI Hardtop 4 door 2015
MINI Hardtop 4 door
MINI Hardtop 4 door 2015 dashboard
MINI Hardtop 4 door dashboard
MINI Hardtop 4 door 2015 interior
MINI Hardtop 4 door interior

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