2017 Kia Soul

A subcompact car with a length of 163.0 inches.

More fun to drive, more advanced technology and more surprises are packed into the subcompact car Kia Soul.
An impressive array of LED lights adds a captivating accent. The Soul's eye-catching exterior now has an interior to match. From luxurious soft-touch materials throughout to tailored headrests and LED mood lighting, the Soul's richly appointed interior stands out from the crowd.
The interior of the Soul is plusher, quieter, and totally tailored for comfort. Stay cool in the summer with ventilated driver and passenger seats that circulate air, or stay warm in the winter with heated seats.
It's also available the Soul EV with a smooth electric motor for quiet efficiency and engineered a state-of-the-art regenerative braking system that helps recharge the battery. The result is satisfying EV performance with maximized range and assured handling.
Kia Soul 2015
Kia Soul
Kia Soul 2015 dashboard
Kia Soul dashboard
Kia Soul 2015 interior
Kia Soul interior

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