2017 Honda Fit

A subcompact car with a length of 160.0 inches.

The Honda Fit has a slick, new body design and a wider stance. And it all helps give the Fit a look that, for a subcompact car, is pretty tough.
Unique styling and accents are everywhere you look on the Honda Fit, starting right up front. The lines and angles of the grille and headlights are subtle details that give it a lot of personality.
The Fit may be a small car, but it's a mighty one. The 130-hp engine gives the Fit plenty of zip, and the its direct-injection system leads to better combustion and a more efficient use of your gas money.
The Smart Entry feature detects when your key fob is near the front doors. Just push the small button on the door handle to lock your Honda Fit, and to unlock it, just give a little tug on the handle (EX and EX-L).
The 60/40 Split 2nd row helps create space for all kinds of cargo.
Honda Fit 2015
Honda Fit
Honda Fit 2015 dashboard
Honda Fit dashboard
Honda Fit 2015 interior
Honda Fit interior

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