2024 Volvo EX30

A subcompact luxury crossover SUV with a length of 166.7 inches.

The fully electric EX30 is Volvo's smallest ever SUV with big electric performance in a small package. The Volvo EX30 provides drivers with a true and capable SUV, born electric and packed with all the smart tech needed.
With the Volvo EX30 the brand enters a new and growing segment of consumers who demand for small, fully electric premium SUVs. For example, many people living in the city are looking for a car that brings convenience and allows them to commute to work and get around, while doing so in a way that reflects who they are.
The EX30 is also designed to be as safe as you'd expect from a Volvo car and aims to look after both you and others in hectic urban environments. For example, it includes a special safety feature for bikes that helps to prevent so-called 'dooring' accidents, by alerting you when you are about to open your door in front of a cyclist, scooter or runner.
Volvo EX30 2024
Volvo EX30
Volvo EX30 2024 dashboard
Volvo EX30 dashboard
Volvo EX30 2024 interior
Volvo EX30 interior

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