2024 Volkswagen Golf

A compact car with a length of 168.8 inches.

The compact car Volkswagen Golf has a timeless design. Sophisticated yet thrilling. Sporty but comfortable, powerful and reliable hatchback. Plus, GTI turbocharged engine really gives it some kick.
The VW Golf GTI comes with a suite of digital driving tools that let you take control of your vehicle's performance. This means you can personalize it to your preferences. The Golf GTI disrupted the automotive industry over 40 years ago. Looks like it's doing it again with all those snazzy gadgets.
It is also available the VW Golf R with elevated performance. The unique front bumper, paired with side skirts and a rear diffuser, really screams sporty sophistication. It also maximizes aerodynamics. And an interior which carries on the athletic look, and is full of high-quality materials. Quite fitting for this high-performance hatch.
Volkswagen Golf 2024
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf 2024 dashboard
Volkswagen Golf dashboard
Volkswagen Golf 2024 interior
Volkswagen Golf interior

2020 Volkswagen Golf

A compact car with a length of 167.6 inches.
This 2017-2020 model is currently not for sale as new.

The compact car Volkswagen Golf knows how to carry itself, as well as your things. There's a thoughtfully designed cargo area that helps keep you organized. Not to mention LED taillights, LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), and a panoramic sunroof to help you stand out from the crowd. This Golf has what you want to keep up with city life.
Stylish, sporty, and endlessly iconic, the original hatch will always put design at the forefront. Introduced over 40 years ago, the design of the vW Golf has stood the test of time.
Comfortable, stylish, and easy to maintain, V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces have the quality look and feel of leather. And the three settings on heated front seats can help keep you and your front passenger comfy and warm. Fold those rear seats down and get 52.7 cu. ft. of cargo space to play with.
Powerful, efficient, and providing a generous supply of torque, the vW Golf with available automatic transmission doesn't just pass the test, it passes with flying colors.
Volkswagen Golf 2020
2017-2020 Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf 2020 dashboard
Volkswagen Golf dashboard
Volkswagen Golf 2020 interior
Volkswagen Golf interior

2016 Volkswagen Golf

A compact car with a length of 167.5 inches.
This 2013-2016 model is currently not for sale as new.

Amaze your friends with this magic trick. First, squeeze everything into your Golf. Then, squeeze the Volkswagen Golf into almost any parking space. It's true. On the outside, it has a compact, sporty design that you can park pretty much anywhere. But when you open the hatch and fold the rear seats flat, that compact little hatchback transforms into a spacious cargo mover.
The Golf TDI Clean Diesel engine sips fuel at the wallet-friendly rate of up to 42 highway mpg. That's up to 609 miles on just one tank. If that sounds impressive, prepare yourself for this: that T in TDI stands for turbocharged.
Everyone likes options. Especially when one option is a sporty, 6-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic. That means you can push the gearshift into Tiptronic mode and enjoy the added control as you shift gears yourself. Or you can kick it into Sport mode and enjoy a longer rev and higher rpm. Dynamic Shift Program (DSP) will monitor your driving habits and then adapt accordingly to help give you increased performance or fuel economy.
Volkswagen Golf 2016
2013-2016 Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf 2016 dashboard
Volkswagen Golf dashboard
Volkswagen Golf 2016 interior
Volkswagen Golf interior

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