2019 Toyota Prius c

A small car with a length of 157.3 inches.
This 2015-2019 model is currently not for sale as new.

Toyota Prius c was designed with the big city, and small parking spots, in mind. As the smallest and most affordable member of the Prius Family, Prius c makes fitting into the city easier, and more fun, than ever. Know what's cooler than one power source? Two of them. With the Hybrid Synergy DriveĀ® you get a more efficient, more reliable combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor. They work either independently or simultaneously, to move you in the most efficient way possible. Thanks to its EPA-estimated 46 mpg highway and 53 mpg in the city, Prius c makes sure the fun goes farther.
With Toyota Prius c, you can select the driving mode you want. Under certain conditions, in EV Mode, Prius c runs solely on battery power for up to one half mile. ECO Mode helps maximize fuel economy by limiting the operation of the climate control and adjusting the throttle response. The energy monitor screen indicates the operation of the hybrid system in real time, so you can see your Prius c is running at optimum efficiency.
The sealed Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery is designed to fit in the space beneath the rear seats to lower the center of gravity and maximize interior space.
Toyota Prius c 2019
Toyota Prius c
Toyota Prius c 2019 dashboard
Toyota Prius c dashboard
Toyota Prius c 2019 interior
Toyota Prius c interior

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