2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC

A subcompact 2-passenger roadster with a length of 162.8 inches.

From its diamond-textured new grille to its "twin torch" LED taillamps, the SLC wraps its long-hood/short-deck balance in new brilliance. Designed to slice through the wind and through corners, its sleek muscle and wide stance reveal its pure sports-car soul. And its power hardtop is among the industry's most elegant.
The innovative Mercedes-benz SLC engines combine fire-breathing power with free-breathing efficiency. Both the 241-hp 2.0L turbo-4 in the SLC300 and AMG-infused 362-hp biturbo V6 in the SLC43 turn motion into emotion. Their multispark ignition and high-pressure Direct Injection self-tune every few milliseconds, so they turn fuel into good, clean fun.
A new paddle-shifted 9-speed automatic combines a wider range with shorter steps between gears, to make the most of the torque curve. It's also lighter, quicker and more efficient. New Dynamic Select has a mode for every mood, from ECO to Sport+. Each one varies the throttle, shifting, steering and more. There's even a mode you can customize.
In under 20 seconds, the SLC's signature power retractable hardtop folds into the trunk, delivering open-air euphoria while leaving ample luggage space. A new electric trunk divider makes top-lowering even easier.
Mercedes-Benz SLC 2020
Mercedes-Benz SLC
Mercedes-Benz SLC 2020 dashboard
Mercedes-Benz SLC dashboard
Mercedes-Benz SLC 2020 interior
Mercedes-Benz SLC interior

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