2018 Lexus CT

A compact luxury car with a length of 171.3 inches.
This 2014-2018 model is currently not for sale as new.

A compact luxury hatchback with 42 mpg combined rating, along with a remarkably low 0.29 coefficient of drag, is astonishing enough. But what is truly remarkable about the Lexus CT is that it's so easy to forget you're in a hybrid at all. While its efficient engine and aerodynamic design fuel your passion to save at the pump, its agile, responsive handling fuels your passion to drive.
To create the most dynamic driving experience possible, the CT is engineered to help you attack corners with vigor, curves with agility, and respond to your slightest touch with dynamic assurance.
For such a nimble and efficient automobile, the CT offers a surprising amount of interior space. In fact, with both rear seats folded, or with a 60/40 split, the CT offers over 30 cubic feet of room and can accommodate cargo of multiple shapes and sizes. Easy access to the cargo area along with the five-door design provide the ultimate in convenience and versatility.
Lexus CT 2018
Lexus CT
Lexus CT 2018 dashboard
Lexus CT dashboard
Lexus CT 2018 interior
Lexus CT interior

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