2023 Hyundai Kona

A subcompact crossover SUV with a length of 165.6 inches.

Upgraded in 2021, Hyundai KONA packs plenty of style and versatility in its subcompact SUV body. Plus it gives you the confidence to experience more with intelligent safety features that look out for you. So be spontaneous and keep exploring this great, wonderful world with the large screens it has.
On slippery streets and rocky roads, available AWD helps KONA grip the road with traction and cornering that keep you moving confidently. Speed, navigation, Smart Cruise Control and safety info on this available transparent pop-up panel in your line of sight.
Available Kona Electric gives you the efficiency of an all-electric powertrain, plus it's got the rugged styling, ride height and versatility of an SUV.
Hyundai Kona 2023
Hyundai Kona
Hyundai Kona 2023 dashboard
Hyundai Kona dashboard
Hyundai Kona 2023 interior
Hyundai Kona interior

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