2024 BMW Z4

A compact 2-passenger roadster with a length of 170.7 inches.

The design of the BMW Z4 interior is defined by a driver-focused cockpit layout, sport seats with integral head restraints, clear, forward-facing lines, and minimal decorative surfaces.
The history of BMW roadsters as the embodiment of driving pleasure on the road and success on the racetrack extends back to the company's formative years as a carmaker. And the brand's open-top two-seaters have also represented important milestones in the development of BMW in the more recent past. The BMW Z4 has delivered open-top driving pleasure for one driver and one passenger for 20 years now.
A pure-bred roadster, more sporting and visually appealing than ever, the current BMW Z4 has been on the market since 2020, and over 55,000 units of the third-generation roadster have been sold worldwide. From day one, it has been by far the highest-selling model in a class populated exclusively by German premium brands, and it has consistently increased its market share ever since.
BMW Z4 2024
BMW Z4 2024 dashboard
BMW Z4 dashboard
BMW Z4 2024 interior
BMW Z4 interior

2022 BMW Z4

A compact 2-passenger roadster with a length of 170.2 inches.
This 2019-2022 model is currently not for sale as new.

The original roadsters were built to deliver maximum excitement. The BMW Z4 continues that enthralling legacy.
The sharp, clean-cut character of the BMW Z4 is a fresh take on an indisputable classic - complete with large air breathers, integrated rear spoiler, and diffuser.
The electric top adds classic roadster appeal, and can be closed in ten seconds at speeds of up to 30 mph, or lower the roof before you even enter your Z4 using the BMW key fob with available Comfort Access.
With a wide rear stance, near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, efficient aerodynamics, and a standard dual exhaust, the BMW Z4 Roadster is designed for performance from start to finish.
Standard M Sport seats provide comfort and support on the most spirited drives, and is available in Sensa Tec, Vernasca Leather, or Alcantara Leather combination.
BMW Z4 2022
2019-2022 BMW Z4
BMW Z4 2022 dashboard
BMW Z4 dashboard
BMW Z4 2022 interior
BMW Z4 interior

2017 BMW Z4

A compact 2-passenger roadster with a length of 167.0 inches.
This 2012-2017 model is currently not for sale as new.

The Z4 Roadster was designed to make every single drive an indulgence. Its stunning hardtop and elongated hood combine with breathtaking power to create an almost addictive open-top experience that's sure to leave you with your odometer as your only alibi.
When it comes to explaining the unparalleled thrills of the BMW Z4 Roadster, superlatives take a back seat. There is no comparison to the feeling of piloting a low-slung, track-honed BMW with the top down, as it delivers mile after mile of everything drivers most desire. With a choice of powerful yet efficient engine options, exquisite and luxurious appointments, and a sleek and attractive design, the Z4 simply leaves any competition far behind.
When it comes to transferring power from the engine to the wheels, your transmission is the critical link. With the BMW Z4 Roadster, a trio of transmission choices make your driving experience a smooth one. Best of all, each is designed for maximum efficiency as well as sporty performance.
BMW Z4 2017
2012-2017 BMW Z4
BMW Z4 2017 dashboard
BMW Z4 dashboard
BMW Z4 2017 interior
BMW Z4 interior

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