2021 BMW X2

A compact luxury crossover SUV with a length of 171.7 inches.

With its coupe-inspired construction, surprising power, and available high performance components, the BMW X2 is a truly liberating drive.
The low BMW X2's roofline is inspired by the sportiness of classic coupe design, and helps lower the center of gravity, too. The rear is styled without a bumper step, while an available M-specific spoiler provides finishing touch.
The inverted kidney grille is a fresh take on a distinctive icon. Chrome or Cerium Gray frames and black high-gloss bars add to he focused, energetic appearance of the X2.
Get vital driving information with the Head-up Display. Navigation guidance, collision warnings, you speed and speed limits are projected directly on the windshield, so you can look ahead while keeping your eyes on the road.
BMW X2 2021
BMW X2 2021 dashboard
BMW X2 dashboard
BMW X2 2021 interior
BMW X2 interior

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