2021 BMW i3

A small car with a length of 157.9 inches.

The BMW i3 is built using two lightweight components - an aluminium Drive Module, and a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Life Module for passengers. The lighter weight helps increase range while the Drive Module provides a lower center of gravity for improved maneauverability of this electric small car.
New available exterior colors like Galvanic Gold with Frozen Grey Metallic highlight and Cashmere Silver with BMW i Blue highlight exhibit the eye-catching elegance of this electric vehicle. And the 20" wheels - standard on teh BMW i3s and available for the BMW i3 - add an impressive touch.
Compact doesn't mean cramped. Rear-hinged coach doors and the lack of a B-pillar expose the entire side of the i3 for easier access and an expensive feel.
BMW i3 2021
BMW i3
BMW i3 2021 dashboard
BMW i3 dashboard
BMW i3 2021 interior
BMW i3 interior

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